entertwine’s second annual 24-hour playwriting contest

Written by Kyiana Williams and Clara Jegede
Updated May 13, 2022

entertwine is hosting our second annual 24-hour writing contest for playwrights in the Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month and what better way to celebrate than to uplift voices from the AAPI community? Given recent events in the United States, hearing stories from AAPI voices will provide a creative outlet and much needed humanization to generate empathy for AAPI voices.

How to participate:

June 3rd, 2022 at 5pm pt/8pm et, we’ll have a virtual launch party where we’ll reveal the 5 Easter eggs you’ll need to have in your piece. We’ll also stay online to answer any questions.

If you can’t make the virtual launch party no worries, we’ll email you the 5 Easter eggs and more info about to how to submit.

From that moment on you’ll then have 24 hours to write a short script or play (10 pages maximum) that includes all 5 Easter eggs.

Submission Deadline: June 4th at 5pm pt/8pm et — submit your short piece as a pdf to our submission link (to be revealed June 3rd). Make sure to include: a title page with the genre of the piece, your name, your pronouns, and what state/country your reside.

You have 24hrs.

Have an old piece you’ve been working on for yearssss? Save it for someone else. We want to see you think on your feet. Give us something fresh. Think of this like Kitchen Nightmares; you wouldn’t serve Gordon Ramsey three year-old steak? He’d turn you into an idiot sandwich. Don’t be an idiot sandwich. To ensure your work is new, entertwine will provide a list of ‘easter eggs’ that you must include in your 10 page (max) screenplay.


What’s an Easter Egg?

An “Easter Egg” can be a character, a place, an object, or a bit of dialogue. Each year we require 5 Easter Eggs for all scripts submitted. If you don’t have all five you will be eliminated. It’s how we can tell you’ve made the script within 24 hours.

Easter Eggs are only revealed JUNE 3RD, 2022. None of our old blogs have this year’s Easter Eggs.

Is this just for plays?

It’s mostly for plays, but we’re not opposed to a screenplay or two.

Is there a prize?

Absolutely. All submissions receive feedback. The top ten will be read by our esteemed judges and receive feedback. This year’s judges include Dr. Velina Hasu Houston and Shinho Lee, among others.

More Prizes

In addition, the top ten pieces will be read live at our virtual charity event! We’ll have special guests from East West Players, CAATA, Playwrights Arena, and more. Having a form of your work off-page can be extremely helpful in exploring your work. One of our top 10 got picked up for full production!  

We’re still cooking up a few more prizes including fellowships and mentorships with the local theaters courtesy of our special guests.

Networking opportunities.

In addition to the feedback you will get from the judges, you will have the opportunity to meet other finalist. Last year, our writers included technologists from MAANG companies to experienced playwrights. One of our top 10 got picked up for full production! Our end goal is to nurture and showcase new and existing talent.

More than one way to participate.

Not a writer but want to participate? Use your keen eye to help us find the top 10 submissions.  

Why is entertwine hosting this contest?

Our goal is to provide space for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community to shine in their creativity.

In 2020, the AAPI community began to speak out about the abuse they experience due to racially charged rhetoric surrounding COVID-19. But the issue didn’t receive widespread attention until the Atlanta Spa shootings got nationwide media coverage in March. Eight people were killed in the mass shooting, six of whom were of Asian descent. And the violence continues in 2022.

At entertwine, a key component of our mission is to amplify the voices of the silent. That’s why we make space for AAPI voices with our writing competition.

If you’re not a member of this community, but still want to support you can donate to the AAPI communities fighting against hate. #stopasianhate #stopaapihate #hateisavirus

There is no fee to enter.

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