While most 18-year-old filmmakers are just learning the ropes — working on their first short films and getting to know the industry — Phoebe Yung has amassed enough experience to rival colleagues 5 years her elder. 

In other words, this New Jersey native knows what she wants and when she wants it. 

“I want to be an indie film director. I love character-driven narratives. And I want to create visual representations of lives that can reach other people.”

Even more importantly, Phoebe has a plan. She knows just how to get there. 

“As a minority group member, I recognize that opportunities aren’t just going to come to me. I either have to create them or reach them first.”

And that’s exactly what Phoebe has been doing.

She first became interested in filmmaking in the seventh grade. And since then, she’s wasted no time.  

Professional training ✅ From a Jersey country vocational high school to Columbia to Tisch, Phoebe’s received more training at her age, than most professional filmmakers ever receive. And she hopes to continue her education, setting her sights on USC’s Cinematic Arts Graduate school program.

Film festival circuit ✅ Phoebe is no stranger to the circuit. In high school, she participated in the All American High School Film Festival, a 3-day festival at John Hopkins University, and now, as a college student, entertwine’s super short film festival. 

Where she received an Honorable Mention for her film “When the Tide Falls.” An intimate short with a message as compelling as its cinematography.

Cannes ✅ In 2019 Phobe was one of the few students selected to participate in the coveted, 12 day American Pavilion Internship. 

She was one of the hundreds of interns working tirelessly to ensure everything went according to plan.

Networking ✅ We, at enterwtine, know that networking is how work gets found and made. 

This is why we are focused on consistently creating and sharing opportunities for young creatives to network, get to know each other, and collaborate on projects.

It is a core pillar of what entertwine is all about. 

Phoebe knows this as well. 

After announcing her chosen career path to her family, Phoebe and her father realized that she’d need to overcome her shy personality to achieve real success as a filmmaker. And that’s exactly what she’s done.

Having taken public speaking lessons to overcome her timid personality, Phoebe now boasts a powerful network; all achieved through proactive and ambitious networking efforts.

Simply put, Phoebe is powerful. 

She has the grit, talent, and confidence most aspiring filmmakers can only dream of. And we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Oh, and did we mention that she also, plays the piano, saxophone, flute, paints, and freelances as a DP, Producer, and videographer?

Yes, we know… impressive.

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