The recommendation system for all

Sorting, Filtering, and Finding made easy.

e.e.r.s. (entertwine’s recommendation system) is the recommendation system that makes matching simple.

e.e.r.s. plugs into any spreadsheet and website. AND SOON plugs into Slack.

(If you’re wondering why or how an entertainment company made an AI machine, scroll to the bottom.)

You have that spreadsheet. That LONG, multi-column, info in EACH cell, spreadsheet. You don’t even open it, because where to start? Control F, filters it down to a keyword. But what if you’re looking for multiple keywords.

Example: large data sets

Keisha has a spreadsheet with 2100 movies. Each movie has the bio, the genre, the age restriction, the year made, column after column of data. If she wants to find a scary movie from 1998, that’s PG-13, she’d have to Control F and separate the data 3 times. With e.e.r.s she match with that movie instantly.

And not just with three criteria. e.e.r.s can match her with a movie that has 7, 12, 22+ criteria points.

example: complex one to one matching

James runs a mentorship program with 300 mentees and 50 mentors. Each person has filled out a questionnaire with 30 questions. Now it’s time to pair each mentee with a mentor. A long few weeks ahead. But, wait. There’s e.e.r.s.

James plugs in e.e.r.s. to the questionnaire results and he instantly has matches for everyone. He can even see, why each person matched with who. And he can even go back and determine which questions were more important and rematch. Resulting in new matches, in seconds.

Example: Slack Discoverability


Are you in a Slack channel where information is FLYING through the threads?

Wait, what was that resource? I can’t find that one article about MVTs. Kim posted a linkedin for the new hire, where is it?

With the e.e.r.s. slack app we’ve got you covered. Customized to the slack channel, e.e.r.s. stores, sorts, filters, and matches you with the info kept in the slack threads.

e.e.r.s. Slack app: Desktop view
e.e.r.s. slack app: Mobile View

entertwine made e.e.r.s.?

entertwine is the parent company of e.e.r.s.

entertwine is a community and platform for creatives in Film, TV, and Theatre. We specialize in distribution and recruitment for underrepresented communities.

Here at entertwine, we do anything to solve the problem: put on festivals for visibility, cold email unions about protections, create business education workshops, work with mentorship organizations, and more. So when the community told us that they were lacking in tech, we said okay, we can build that. And we did.

e.e.r.s. was made for the mentorship organizations, that pair their mentees manually. For the streaming sites, that don’t have the cool Netflix algo or the cool Netflix money. For the grant holder, looking through thousands of unrelated grants for their next theatre production. e.e.r.s. was made for them.

And as long as we’re here, we’ll continue to serve this community and solve their problems. So let the problems flow, we’ll be all e.e.r.s. (ears).

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