You’ve submitted, now what?

It’s June 2nd. 

You’ve successfully submitted to entertwine’s 24 hour writing contest.

What happens now?

We read and enjoy your work!

We’re reading as quickly as we can. But we’ve received tons of great submissions and we want to make sure we’re giving them all the time and attention they deserve. 

When will the contest results be revealed?

10 winners will be revealed on June 28 at 5 PST. 

Not a second earlier!

So, mark the date on your calendar and keep your eyes peeled.

Where will the reveal happen?

At our “Grand Event” (it’s virtual). We’ll be sending out invites through eventbrite. And you can invite whoever you want!

How can you stay connected with us?

Easy, follow our socials @entertwineap and keep an eye out for our newsletter.

We’ll continue to send you more contests and job opportunities throughout the month.

We will also be reaching out and interviewing a few contestants. We’ll be asking about your experience and journey with this contest and beyond.

Thank you for submitting to entertwine’s 24 hour writing contest.

We’re excited about reading your work.

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